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By Daniella on July 24, 2011 in Healthy Food

Harness your inner boy scout and BE PREPARED.

Divvy up your nuts and seeds into snack portions and make sure there are 5 ready to go- in little tupperware or zip lock bags. Get some soup on to boil- recipes here or your own family favourite or whatever suits your diet plan- I’ve got Butter Bean & Cannellii bean minestrone and Pea and Ham soup bubbling on the stove. Think about your meals for the week- and plan them! what is your weakness? Mine is a sweet/baked treat after dinner- im one of those naughty people that consume more calories after dinner than I do throughout the whole day- mindless snacking! So I have baked a protein shake carrot cake- its cooling on the bench ready to be cut and frozen into portions.

Key to weight loss is 70% diet- make sure you’re ready. The other no less important factor is exercise- get your calender,planner,diary- online/paper based- whatever suits and pencil in your work outs today! make sure your week is organised around your exercise. Ive got personal training scheduled for Monday & Tuesday, Tues night boxing, Wed yoga, Thurs meditation & boxing, Fri walk/jog on the beach. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail! I am keen to reach my goal in two weeks. Enough procrastinating lets do it together!

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